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Every two years we are required to issue diversity questionnaires to our staff, the following information was correct as at 31 March 2023:

The responses can be summarised as follows: Age: 20-24 1, 35-44 1, 45-54 2, 55-60 2. Gender: Male 2 Female 4.
No staff members identify as disabled. Although 1 has their day-to-day activities limited by an ongoing health condition.

All staff members are white English. Religion: Christian 2, No religion 4. 
Socio-economic background: One member of staff went to university, but their generation was not the first in their family to do so. All staff attended a state school.

Social mobility: Two members of staff had a parent who completed a university degree. Four members of staff have professional qualifications, and two left school after CSEs.

As schoolchildren, the families of 1 staff member received income support and 2 staff members received free school meals

We are a small firm, and it is possible that if published, some statistics would single someone out. Any omitted statistics have been omitted for this reason.

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